Halloween Fashion

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Halloween is Christian Eva this is very famous and scary, Christian look forward to this festival all year round. Halloween is Christian traditionally and supernatural festival,

This Eva celebrate on 31st October each every year on this day Halloween starting holidays Christian three days celebrate this Eva.
They believe that the three days of Halloween are Souls days, This Halloween festival removes the fear of ghosts and scary spirits in people. Every year on this Eva they organized parties and cosplay in this they are introduced different styles and design's dresses and makeup. Before Halloween, fashion designers design a variety of costumes and scary masks that people wear to the festival, Some people do scary designs on faces with the help of makeup
Every year people wearing costumes scary and mumming has been along associated this Eva.
Many cosplay organized in Halloween holiday's,
these events shows and parties are all organized for Halloween In this program's each person adopts a character of their choice some people look horrible and some adopt Disney character's. On the day of Halloween, children go to different houses in different roles and receive gifts from these houses. Christian before the Halloween celebration decorate all the houses with scary designing.
Without makeup scary character not complete women and men everyone doing different types makeup men makes jokes sad and happy face with the help of makeup tools, women have many choice to make scary face they are doing exciting with the makeup tools they make skeletons and scary face different styles and different dull color makeup.
Spooky Dresses:
Halloween is horrible festival everyone wears scary outfits men wears black three piece suits but women wears mostly black and red big simple forks and long dresses, skeleton designed dresses these have many dress design's bats she wears witches styles hats After all, they wear outfits that look scarier, Some outfits have pictures of scary animals on them, Designer's before Halloween festival designed spooky outfit's. Adults as well as children wear scary clothes on Halloween but more kids like to adopt Disney character's ,They dress the same way and make up their faces to suit Disney characters like to adult also designed children's Halloween clothes
People makes create scary environment on Halloween event they are make their homes look like Halloween to onlookers.
Tricks and Treats: On the holiday's of Halloween, people also prepare different dishes in their homes in the sweets cook spooky cakes and muffins these design's scary grave shapes makes Dracula teeth's on apple, with a cookie dough make witch finger and pumpkin pies very popular dishes and many types dishes very like to cook on Halloween, Old-fashioned Halloween is still celebrated today Along with the changing times of modern times, the fashion of Halloween has also changed to make this festival even more frightening, such clothes are made.

Hello! Fall Fashion

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 Every changing season in the world of fashion changes Not only do people's lives change, but so do their clothing styles, Because with the change of seasons, people's choice of clothes also changes. In the Autumn season people like to wears dull colored dresses brown, black, white, yellow and orange colors very trendy in fashion people like to wears dull and decent dresses

Women Dressing:
As the autumn season approaches, women start wearing light colored clothes women clothing changes according to your culture
Autumn is very rough, but because of the fashion, women wear clothes of their choice even in this season, In Islamic countries, women wear yellow, orange, brown, white, black and wears matching kameez and shalwar clothes The yellow and orange dupatta grows with great enthusiasm, If you look at Western countries, in autumn, Western women there wear the condition of paint rough color,
She wears dull color outfits in the Autumn season Jasmin dress, Jackets under sweet shirts and short sleeves Baby Doll shirts, Sweet shirts on Sweaters, Cropped blazer, Mini Skirts another dresses varieties very popular in Autumn..
Jewelry is main element in the fashion world without jewelry accessories fashion not complete, so Autumn starting women jewelry choice change earrings are little buttons small designs studs falls leaves designs earrings and leather earrings very trendy so they make attractive your personality, neck around necklace small different styles, cozy hats, dull shades glasses they all of increased women beauty in Autumn season.
Along with designing clothes, there is also innovation in shoe fashion People wear shoes with clothes according to the season and color,
According to the demand and demand of the people, the designers make shoes from the leagues in the autumn season. In this season have many varieties of shoes like Platroms sandals, Fuji cuir, Boots with chains, Harness chains tall boots, Leather sandals, Flatfoots, Keen boots other shoes designs very demandable..
Men Dressing:
Men also change in Autumn season they are also wears decent and rough dresses in this season wears brown, grey, black blazer, rough paints blue and black, Long sleeves Henley shirts on wears leather jackets, Trench coat, rugby shirts, wool sweater very trendy with dressing men changes shoes styles wears simple black, white faux-suede, lightweight sole shoes comfortable for men..
In the autumn, people wear rough clothes in their daily life Because people like to wear simple clothes in autumn season, At the beginning of each new season in the world of fashion, there are tens of thousands of clothes that people love, In the beginning of the autumn season, the Designers do the show people see and like that designer's designs.

World Fashion Magazine

World Fashion Magazine

 Fashion magazine's basically published for spared new fashion styles and design's mostly people have habit to reading audience purchases magazines throw the magazines spread fashion ideas that's best way There are a lot of magazines that do fashion shows to show off their clothes and fashion accessories, The goal of fashion magazines is to inspire more people with new clothing styles It is an old tradition to spread new clothes designs through magazines,

The first illustration fashion magazine produce French woman 1600s to 1700s she was dressmaker and draw different designs sketch in this magazine, she all these sketches put in all books and magazines and then sold, At that time she was one big name Mercure Galant The first women published fashion magazine written by Eliza Haywood this magazine demanded two years from 1744 to 1746
In the whole world there are also a lot of magazines that would do anything to increase the fashion trend among the people these fashion magazines are
Harper's Bazaar launch in United State 1867
Vogue launch in United State 1892
Femina launch in Denmark 1952
An an launch in Japan 1970
Elle launch in France 1945
Flare launch in Canada 1979
Allure launch in United State 1991
InStyle launch in United State 1993
Crash Magzine launch in France 1998
Asian Women launch in United Kingdom 2000
Olivia launch in Finland 2007
Fashion Central launch in Pakistan 2007
From time immemorial, some magazines are doing a lot more work
ELLE Magazine:
Is that very old magazine after World War ll they was published immediately aftermath it's women fashion magazine is this founder was Pierre Lazareff and his wife Helene Gordon founded in France in 1945, this magazine first published 21 November 1945 they was first published other countries China, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia,Turkey and many country in first issue.The magazine's has been very popular since World War II It is the most advanced magazine in the world, it magazines gives the importance on large scale world lifestyle, beauty, health, fashion and entertainment very well, Elle magazine's basically target audience they higher women mostly ages between 20 to 35 these are single and want to career develop professionally another newly married, This magazine's is still in also great demand these days different countries fashion shows launched, A large number of people come to see the clothes that will be introduced in this show from other countries, Elle is world biggest magazine every month 6.6 million readers.
Vogue Magazine:
Vogue basically an Americans monthly fashion styles and society lifestyle magazine's they are encourage audience to the magazine with many topics of life like beauty, living, culture, fashion, runway based in New york city. Basically Vogue is weekly newspaper in New York city, this first published in New York city in December 17 1892 in the united States,Vogue magazine's founder Arthur Baldwin Turnure it was businessman,This magazine was published in English. This editor was Dame Anna Wintour ,The Vogue is top fashion magzine in the world they have many branches in the whole world every fashion industries appreciate this work Vogue always demandable magazine every era Vogue top of the list in the world magazine's they are selected women from 20 to 40 years They choose beautiful and successful women who are at the top of the list of fashion industries,Vogue has established in the USA in since 1892 and UK in since 1916. The Vogue is good magazine 5.0 out of 5 looking good stars
Harper's Bazaar:
Its monthly Women's Americans fashion magazine, first published in New York City November 2 Since 1876, as weekly Herper's Bazaar, it's published Hearst Magazines company, this magazine have fame it was published by slogan, theme, motto and tangline it's world fashion no one magazine, this magazine published in 37 countries China, Canada, Hong Kong, Arab World, Greece, Germany India and other famous countries, And in many countries, people will love this magazine. Harper's Bazar in Australia very popular that's published based in Sydney in 1 March since 1998 with Nicole Kidman on Cover, This magazine has its own identity in every country. Even today this magazine is as important as ever.
It's was monthly magazine published by IPC Media The purpose of this magazine was to focusing on style and celebrities. This magazine very successful in US, The British edition launched in 2001 This current edition is Trish Halpin, who commenced potions in September 2006. The first issue of this magazine in 1994 , this editor Laura Brown. It's magazine multi award winning publication, Instyle magazine cover all styles and month every sections This magazine 6.9 million women is bought and read every month, And it adopts all the fashion designs
Fashion Central Magazine:
This is a Pakistani magazine that reflects on the Pakistani fashion industry they are coverage every fashion industry event in Pakistan, Fashion Central magazine is an online fashion magazine Pakistan based on Lahore it was founded in 2007 and that website live in November 2007 , Fashion central launched as an online Economic Websites This magazine owner Shoaib Shams and Founder Shoaib Shams and Quratulain, Nowadays this magazine captured and focusing on new fashion trends in pakistan
In their own place every fashion magazine's doing well done work, There are many more fashionable magazines that women appreciate.
The fashion trend is growing among the people through all these magazines..

Fashion Accessories

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Without fashion accessories clothes looking not gorgeous beautiful dress with matching accessories increase attraction in personality;
  • Anyone not looks good without accessories.
  • Many outfits not complete without accessories.
In the fashion industry accessories have very important from time immemorial, the custom of wearing certain things with clothes has been going on they are in many varieties like that handbags, glasses, watches, hats, necklace, wallets, pins, rings, ties, gloves, shoes, socks and many others things in it's include fashion accessories, Along with the decoration of clothes, fashion items are also used for beauty.
The things that are used as fashion are different in size which makes the beauty of a person attractive. They are different types and styles which makes the dress more attractive.
Oldest times Victorian accessories wears models and actresses looking at them such as fans parasols, gloves, hats famous this era lifestyle was very leisurely women mostly wears gloves on hands and some people wears mask on face that's was labors sign, and the 16th century wears hat with badge military men it's higher social status it was decorative accessories for civilian persons
It's popular accessory fashion for women, A handbag is something that women can't fill without a home, Handbags have always been the first need of women Purses are 5000 year more than oldest fashion women and men both are need this accessory men were also take Purses in pocket for carried money
but these days handbags have in many style and designs handbags, backpack, Clutch, Pouch, zipper bag, Bowler bag, Wristlet, Mobile bag, Saddle bag, Shoulder bag, Miniature bag, Shopping bag, Folder bag, Make up bag, Doctor's bag, Laptop bag, Camera case bag, Fanny pack, Front bags mostly use blogger and many other bags necessary for people, bags also designed top bags very dependable The Gucci Quilted bag, The Dior Saddle bag, The Lower Puzzle bag most usable bags every ear in handbags necessarily for everyone
In the fashion world watch much important
Peter Helnien watch invented in Germany August 1542 there was world first inventor watch, 15th century watch appears and 16th century in Europe revealed they was very portable,This has become a necessity since the invention of the watch In ancient times, the design of the watch was a bit different. People wore it around their necks in a straight chains, Nowadays watches have unlimited varieties for men and women every person different designs watches Clock watch, Wrist watch, Quartz watch, pocket watch, Electric watch these days we seen watches in bracelets watch, chains watch, metal watch, with stones designs watches and most invented smart watches very portable for everyone but according to choice people purchase branded watches Rolex is most famous watch brand everyone know that about it they are very expensive watches, Omega, Rado, Cassio, Timex, Tissot, Citizen another watches also used in based on fashion accessories
Necklace and Bracelets:
These fashion accessories very useful in trendy fashion every fashion field dressing ideas not complete without necklaces and bracelets because outfits depth not looking pretty without necklaces and bracelets accessories there jewelry have lots of designs attractive women used these accessories in daily routine life
This fashion accessories without any type fashion not complete long earrings, short earrings in the official ladies wears small stones earrings according to selection and events women wears earrings

In the every fashion industry fashion accessories most necessary for everyone they change people personally looks these days that's people need it but trendy fashion accessories crazy for audience..

Fast Fashion

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Any fashion spreads fast when there is a fashion show fashion designers for the publicity of own designs and styles spared in world organize shows they higher models females and male they show off their beautiful clothes by wearing them mostly fashion clothes based on recent trends which are prepared according to the season autumn and spring presents fashion week, Whole world fashion All over the world, fashion is done according to the seasons. With the changing seasons, the demand of the people also changes many fashion countries organized fashion week the London fashion week, New York fashion week, Milan fashion week, Arab fashion week, Paris fashion week and Russia fashion week and another fashion week events popular in the whole world
London Fashion Week:
On the large scale London fashion week very popular many fashion magazine's on the every spring and autumn held fashion show's organize Vogue magazine's very famous in the whole world they higher models and designer's for publicity
For the latest dresses showing twice a year in this fashion showing 250 designers participate on the global level, this fashion design's retailer's influence on audience traditionally it's one of the become the biggest four Fashion Week with New York,Paris and other countries, they offer designer's to show own collection to the catwalk is this event's fashion it's frequency semi annual. This event's organized London British council agency with the help of business department for fashion industry strategy..
New York Fashion Week:
It's organized February and September of every year, it's semi annual series event they starting 7 to 9 days The designer's international based on showing spring and autumn collection's are shown buyer and media press for designer's collection's publicity
In the fashion month includes fashion week London,Paris,Milan the annually fashion New York fashion week attended more than 230,000 with 300 visitors shown 7 to 9 days still presents, Men fashion also include in this fashion annual promote CFDA organization.
Paris Fashion Week:
The country of Paris, like the rest of the world is also very large they presented big fashion week many fashion industries shake hand with Paris fashion department agencies Cannes fashion magazine's organized worldwide fashion shows model's comes and run way to promote designer's collection on large scale..
Brand Fashion:
With brand fashion spared designer's collection fast fashion describes cheap design's and styles quickly spared in world due to catwalk audience like that the brand's stores order to create new every design's trends, branded clothes sale because these days people Like to wears brand clothes, mostly seen Zara and H&M one of the most famous and recognizable brand and Forever 21 and other brands also that cheap brands they are encourage buy more new collections Any type of clothing styles is easily sold by the brand..
Such as fashion have no limits every next week fashion in new design's and styles fashion week showing designer's are latest collection's magazine's for publicity
Due to which the fashion trend among the people increases a lot which people like and buy more..


Fashion Blog

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 Fashion blog:

Fashion blog have importance on social networks because fashion blog in lots of knowledge about fashion industries and about new fashion dresses and accessories,
another matching of fashion sense.
  • Many blog content on social media for shopping they help full for people.
  • Social networks have many fashion blog .
  • Fashion industries for publicity write blog.
  • about fashion trends,manufacturing,various beauty tips,ideas and other fashion knowledge.
Fashion blog have many categories they focus on dressing,jewelry and other blog on beauty tips. These day's blogs are very important people write blogs about shopping contents throw the blog products publicity because of which people are benefiting, Mostly fashion companies write blogs for latest design and styles popularity they would like to up to date fashion trends,
There are many fashion companies that highlight the beauty of fashion through their blogs,There are many fashion companies that highlight the beauty of fashion through their blog, In the blog they discuss about special designer's design's and detail for dresses showcases and weekly updates about street fashion in blogs,In the fashion blog, modern day clothes are described for their decoration and usefulness.
Dressing blog:
There are a lots of blogs written on trendy clothes of every type in the blogs designer's explain dress quality and designing clearly with designed dress picture, Every week designer's showcase dresses related to every country culture and according to public requirement, Some consulting fashion companies also write blogs for their clothing advice
And they mention about their fashion shows in these blogs
Beauty blog:
The beauty blog have demanded for ladies in these days writer wrote about makeup content and beauty home remedies because that's helpful for people, In the blog writer share many beauty secrets and tips discuss about makeup art in different styles, beauty blogs in awareness to the increase beauty's tips and ideas dermatologist and beautician also write blog
Which helps people and they get good ideas for their problems in the blogs they are discuss that skin problems and makeup ideas remedies in very details..
Shopping blog:
Companies and shopping websites have been good way to sale own product's like Amazon,E.bay another companies online sale many things
They write about the benefits of their products in their blog with a lot of details,When Audience reads their product blog, they realize how good their product .People can easily find your product through your blog.
People at home are easily buying products,
Blog have many beneficial for shopping fields.
Blogging is very useful for people these day's because people love to read, because people get a lot of information through blogs.

Fashion Designing


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Fashion designing is totally mind creativity and art designer's applying natural beauty on clothes they increase dresses quality ;Fashion designing is done all over the world and it is very popular, In every country of the world, fashion designers design according to their culture. Any fashion trends that are obsolete have a profound effect on culture.
When new fashion introduced in fashion industries that's many influence on social industries. Fashion designing have big scope many types of fashion designing that's like Garments designing, interior designing, industrial designing, jewelry designing, Software designing, Game designing, Fabric designing and other types designing which are taught in many institutions, people are interested in designing to their liking but these era fashion designing very much important for every second person fashion designing very interesting field, Now Days fashion designing in lots of varieties fabric designing, jewelry designing, shoes designing, hairs accessories, purses designing and designing field's in many varieties.
Fashion designing art of designers mind natural imagination for according to social trends Designers disguise their clothes and jewelry with their best thoughts and culture in mind They design on a scale that people like and then the same tens become a trend
Fabric Designing:
It's textile designing very technical process different pattern arrange to creates new designs every type fabric decorate to textile designing they makes clothes pretty and flexible fabric designing grab audience attentions small designs most difficult but looks beautiful.
Designing clothes is very important for the decoration with painted designs many types designing on fabric The fabric designs using by different styles and many techniques like tracing embroidery paintings colors detaining.
Textile designing
creativity some designers make designs by hands and by computers CAD software for designing it's very helpful for designers, designers very satisfied with the technical process many detaining in designs easily with software.
Dress Designing:
In the fashion world dress designing very interesting that people interest increase day by day, Dress designing is taught on a scale in almost every country in the world Dress designing has become a hobby of the people
The decoration of the clothes changes with each passing season It has been around for a long time, The designers come up with new ideas to share their ideas. Designing clothing is very popular in the fashion world.Many designer's ideas increase fashion designing choice and varieties like that fork, Tops, jeans shirts, long skirts and mini skirts bridle and groom dresses
Nowadays, designers hold shows to publicity on the clothes they designs. Select models to show off their tens of thousands of clothes, Who wears these clothes and displays these tens of clothes Designers apply natural art on dresses they are launches to the people and share ideas with audience
Jewelry Designing :
Is that very interesting work little metal makes jewelry accessories looks pretty and elegant Jewelry designing has been well taught in various cities around the world.
This work is first drawn by hand the designers
In the fashion world on huge level jewelry designing very appreciable. It's that technical art very difficult, jewelry designing in use technical drawings create beautiful designs Now a days many ways to jewelry designing but hand drawing, drafting techniques still used in jewelry designing fields In view of the changing times, computers are now becoming jewels that's too much difficult but easily to make jewelry pattern on computers There are many types of computer software that can be used to create beautiful jewelry. The jewelry designers also showcase own designs and styles
Shoes Designing:
In the world of fashion, jewelry, clothes and shoes are also designing it's that part of fashion designing every next week new shoes designs launch in markets The shoes designers called footwear, These type designers specializes in designing who expert to makes new shoes and boot designs. Many shoes company introduce new shoes
styles branded shoes always demand-able like Adidas, Nike, ASICS, Bata, Service, Hushpappi, Gucci all companies shoes popular and have varieties..
Shoes art very difficult but designers doing work with self confidence, Girls use many styles shoes Girls like to wear matching shoes when they buy new clothes mostly girls wear heel and bread heel shoes..
In the past, people used to despise fashion designing only a little, In today's world of fashion, fashion has become a passion Designers do their job with passion...