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100 Years of Nail Art History?

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The trend of nail decoration has been going on since time immemorial it is way creativity for mind it's artwork for fingernail and toenails
The decoration of the nails is the first manicure and pedicure compulsory after that nail decoration looks very tremendous
when ladies decorate own self in this mind first step to decorate nails with different colors nail polish because many colors makes fingers beautiful and attractive The nail polish just not use on hands fingers it's that also use on feet toenails
In the old times ladies decorated nails with simply apply different colors nail polishes but these days ladies give new shapes like round,square,oval,triangle own nails and decorated with different styles with many types tool so that makes nails pretty and fantastic. Nail decoration is considered essential in every age for women..
All the time introduced new ways to decorate nails with different ideas

Nail Art In 1920's:
In the oldest time the first time nail polishes were introduced the Revlon by launches red roses color orange color and green color nail polishes, that time have been professional manicurist women give round shapes nails they was apply base coat and used more colors nail polishes to make half moon on nails

Nail Art In 1930's:
In this days women use Cutex polishes on nail after manicure, they makes nail shapes triangles apply on nails dark color nail polishes fully with silver tips lines.

Nail Art 1940's:
In art work Retro nail very trendy apply different color nail polishes with long almond shape nails and short nails on light nail polishes .

Nail Art 1950's:
Nail designs long and short some women attached false Acrylic nails manicure they depend on choice these type nails extremely popular but short nails also on red and orange color very trendy.

Nail Art 1960's:
Nails shapes natural and square own choice long and short most trendy colors peach shades and light pink pearl.

Nail Art 1970's:
The nail square shape designs was decent base coat on nail shape just apply nail polishes different colored according to choice on nail edges.

Nail Art 1980's:
Manicure round and square shapes on apply neon colored nail polishes that trend these type designs launch

Nail Art 1990's:
Nail art work bold and short with square nail designs and dark nail polishes.

Nail Art 2000's:
Nail designs embellished attractive and golden nail polish shades very huge trend on runway.

Nail Art 2010's:
Nail designs more painted nails round and bold shapes art work on nails light colored and center in silver lines looks fantastic.

Nail Art 2020's:
This ear nail art become very modern and update nails shapes women own choice square bold natural but nails on art different colors painted patterns tiny stones and glitter nail polishes looking gorgeous become very trendy.

Feet Nail Art:
Toenail decorate being more than to 4,000 years Pedicure very important they done with cosmetic for feet they looks wonderful toenail with creative designs ideas and many types variety and Techniques for feet decorated with different shades nail polishes and paint brushes that's all mind creativity.
For the nail art many tools for make different designs pattern on nails because without tools can't art work on nails:
Colorful Nail Polishes
Base Coat For Nails
Glittery Nail Remover Pads
Nail Art pen
Nail Repair Formula
Striping Tape
Dotter Tool
Transfer Foils
Striper Brush
And many tools help to Nail Art Work
Every Era nail polishes very demands for women time to time more invention become make nail art work in fashion world. Nails decoration have many ideas to make your style and looks wonderful eye catching. Nail art designs are many variates in another countries like
Neon Nails
Cherry Nails
Spatula Nails
Glittery Nails
Classic stripes
Burst Nail Art
Splatters Nails
Sunset Effects Nails
Flora stamped Nails Art
Polka Dots Nails
Matte Nails Art
French manicure
Abstract Nail Art
Metallic Nail Art
Many nails art designs established your self
And Nowadays, nails are being decorated with many ways. Many types nails are beautified which are pleasing to the eye and enhance the beauty of women. Manicure and Pedicure improve your skin with cosmetic treatments and remove dead skin cells very well for that reason to your hand and feet looking attractive. The Fashion increase trends Nail art passion for every women. The China Glaze and Essie are the famous brands that widely used in nail art industry.