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Henna Art Information?

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Henna has been applied to the hands since time immemorial. The middle East Mehndi Bangladesh,Pakistan,India,Africa,Qatar,Dubai And many other countries (Henna) very popular. Each countries has its own dialect. Henna is known by a different name in each country. Americans use Henna in english
Mehndi is "Myrtle''
Muslims use Henna in language "Mehndi"
Arabians also use Henna in Arabic Mehndi
But basically its Lowsonia plant the tree of Henna derived his dry leaves obtained and grinding in powder form for easy uses Henna fragrance most attractive. Henna leaves cure for many skin problems women are applying mehndi powder forms on hairs it's best for hairs they makes hairs healthy and shiny
Women likes to apply Henna on her hands and feet on their at every festival On traditional events women decorated with henna many designs on hands, Every events
Without henna, women do not seem to be ready for celebration.

Muslims Mehndi:
Decorated hands and feet with henna on EID UL FITAR,EID UL Adha, Ramadan,SHABRAT and others weddings ceremony. Muslims ladies decorated hands feets with every mehndi styles they are try each and every Henna designs

Hindu Mehndi:
According to Indians SANSKRITI culutre women and girls with great ideas decorated hands arms and feet on DIWALE, HOLI BHAI DOOJ, NAVRATRI, KARVA CHOTH, PURNIMA and weddings
Indians mehndi desgines represents sun and palm shapes designing like mandala very favorite for Indian women.

Arabic Mehndi:
In Arabian countries also celebrate Muslims festival EID UL FITAR,EID UL ADHA, RAMADAN on these festival women doing art on hands, fingers and feet with very attractive designs decorated her self but Arabic mehndi designs in modernity and affordable. Bridle mehndi unique and famous Arabic mehndi art in floral designs and geometrical patterns that's designing gorgeous
Qatar and Dubai Mehndi:
Women according to customers choice decorated hands and feet professionally they designs are most demand-able women like to decorated her self with Henna.

Sudani Mehndi:
In the Asia every country in Mehndi designs
Women try every type mehndi style sodani ladies decorated fulfill hands feets with small flowers styles they used Henna on every events and weddings

Bridal Mehndi:
Different for others mehndi designs.
The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else
Henna is applied from their hands to their arms
Therefore, the beauty of the hands and feet of the bride should be enhanced
Nowadays make bride and groom face on bridle hands with Mehndi.

History of Henna:
Henna is the plant his leaves crushing and make powder form paste people simply apply on hands feet and hairs. Henna uses earlier times
Pharaohs in Egypt 9,000 year ago The Egyptian queen said used to henna on her body and looks pretty herself,

In today advanced world where the world of fashion is changing
With the changing fashion, henna is becoming more and more popular
These days new mehndi tools introduced to mehndi extension and guns increase decorated hands and feet designs. Women according to choice applying mehndi designs on hands. Mehndi art work hard but looks pretty and fantastic Nowadays women applying glitter mehndi have many colors white, brown,green and others colors makes your mehndi designs moderated and fancy
Women attached different colors stone's on mehndi designs
Mostly advance Henna designs applying on Bridle hands and feet with small floral design
As time goes on fashion industries in Fashion is changing in every way Given this change, the colors and textures of henna will change and established. Henna is appreciated all over the world. Women of every country used henna according to their choice, Henna is also used in Western countries People design different parts of the body with henna to make them attractive.
Henna is applied to henna by many modern ways like tattoo Mehndi art very difficult but interesting and beautiful for women mehndi art creativity all about human thinking women create attractive designs on hands and feet people appreciate these mehndi designs
and spilled mehndi art in the world Henna art work hard but very popular. Women do not apply henna on any occasion only. In daily life, they apply henna as per their choice.
Many countries in women started professional mehndi art work they very well demand-able.