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Fashion Itself a World

Fashion around the globe is that's people mind thinking creativity designs about clothing jewelry accessories makeup footwear style everything create glamour in every person self
In the fields of designing many industries work for delightful designs to grab the people attention. 

Fashion History:
New York in the 18th century American brothers Brooks brand first branded clothing company.
18th century fashion introduce that's newly thing in the world first designer Charles Frederick Worth introduced first fashion set house in Paris after that, in the 20th century Vivienne Westwood was lots of designs come to in people mind when they the biggest fashion designer.
Fashion value:
In the whole world fashion demand very high every week new fashion appear in world this that people accept it and fashioned. Every country according to cultural  difference types fashion industries launches different styles fashion varieties like clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, etc in different styles of lifestyle.

Fashion Invention:
Fashion world in day by day invention because many talented designer in this field
Designers introduced delightful things for people many centuries in fashion invention increase 60's London in mini skirts very trendy 17's in women like to wear heel shoes but these days.
unlimited things invented that's many things very trendy Fashion,
Whenever designer showcase all designs presents exhibits in fashion shows for audience appreciated and accept it:s that fanatical for people when a new fashion comes in the market, every second doubt looks the same fashion.

COVID-19 effects on fashion:
Due to COVID-19 every field slow down; during in lockdown but fashion field in invention every model and bridal looks with face mask; the face mask very necessarily for every person so designer many varieties of desgines face masks with dresses for men and women
Masks is protect to against COVID-19 and also in fashion.

Limitless Fashion:
Fashion world have not limits these days people have many ideas about fashion they are working on and present for audience
Now in the world of fashion, both men and women are reducing their ideas which the world love...