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80's Fashion

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Ever since people became fashion conscious,
People have introduced some new fashion in the world of fashion according to their thinking in every era. Which has been liked in every age and has been adopted with great enthusiasm. Then again, this fashion has become a trend of this era.

Every changing age in the world of fashion has been revolutionized 80's in also changed the world of fashion a lot according to the changing times of that time, At that time fashion designers introduced different styles outfits for women they launches many dressers varieties for people
Every country dressing different for other country. Western fashion industries have always been at the forefront of the fashion fields.
In every era, Western fashion industries have introduced the new designs of people.

Western Fashion 1980:
The 80's were retro and bold style decade.
Women like to wears tights and fork texture polka dots dresses check style shirts with proof skirts mostly dressing color black and white very trendy in 80's but colorful dressing always demand-able The fashion designers was showcase colorful dresses long shirts tights jeans and jackets models makeup look with funkier colors eyes shades dark and lips decorate with dark color lipsticks. The 80's women conman hairstyle backcombing and open hairs very trendy, 80's in winter women fashion include long wool coat, long flared fork, slim decent skirts, tight designed jeans,full bulky long sweaters and leather gloves simple scarf warm dresses with thin belts most popular
Western famous women models wears lengthy skirts on long shirts and matching blazer, blouse of different colors they were use on emphasis light accessories..

Asian Fashion 1980:
Asians also follow fashion trends in the 80's people wore red and green clothes with enthusiasm red and green color very popular
Women clothes on some embroidery, In these Asia many asian countries according to culture doing dress up like Pakistan, Pakistan is an Islamic country where people dress according to their culture Most Pakistani women wear short shirts and loose-fitting pajamas At that time people liked to wear check and dost textured dressed clothes
  • India, Indian women were decade in 80's mostly wears colorful Saree in different designs printed bloush with plain saree many dresses style bold and retro models hair styles long hairs with puff style it was very most trendy..
  • China were decade Chinese dresses bold and dull in 80's ladies wears checked skirts and plain shirts that gown dressed plain on flora styles without sleeves hairs style short hairs on little ponytails one and two side mostly conman.
  • Saudi Arabia in 80's decade decent dresses Arabian ladies were plain dressings but many designer's embroidery on long gowns women abaya styled full of embroidery at that time ladies hairs long
  • Qatar dresses in 80's women wears many types dresses lengthy simple skirts with printed short shirts and tie and die pattern on gowns that's time funky colors dress very trendy..Many Asian countries in 80's were different styles and designs.
In every decade, every country has fashioned because of its culture, The fashion of the 80's is still popular today Even in modern times, there are many 80's fashion things uses Designers of the 80's who were introduce of thousands at the time are now admired And now in the modern era, fashion industry designers are attracting and wonderful thousands of people like it and people also adopt. In the world of fashion, designs are introduced every other day Every decade there is a change of fashion which people appreciate a lot..