Halloween Fashion

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Halloween is Christian Eva this is very famous and scary, Christian look forward to this festival all year round. Halloween is Christian traditionally and supernatural festival,

This Eva celebrate on 31st October each every year on this day Halloween starting holidays Christian three days celebrate this Eva.
They believe that the three days of Halloween are Souls days, This Halloween festival removes the fear of ghosts and scary spirits in people. Every year on this Eva they organized parties and cosplay in this they are introduced different styles and design's dresses and makeup. Before Halloween, fashion designers design a variety of costumes and scary masks that people wear to the festival, Some people do scary designs on faces with the help of makeup
Every year people wearing costumes scary and mumming has been along associated this Eva.
Many cosplay organized in Halloween holiday's,
these events shows and parties are all organized for Halloween In this program's each person adopts a character of their choice some people look horrible and some adopt Disney character's. On the day of Halloween, children go to different houses in different roles and receive gifts from these houses. Christian before the Halloween celebration decorate all the houses with scary designing.
Without makeup scary character not complete women and men everyone doing different types makeup men makes jokes sad and happy face with the help of makeup tools, women have many choice to make scary face they are doing exciting with the makeup tools they make skeletons and scary face different styles and different dull color makeup.
Spooky Dresses:
Halloween is horrible festival everyone wears scary outfits men wears black three piece suits but women wears mostly black and red big simple forks and long dresses, skeleton designed dresses these have many dress design's bats she wears witches styles hats After all, they wear outfits that look scarier, Some outfits have pictures of scary animals on them, Designer's before Halloween festival designed spooky outfit's. Adults as well as children wear scary clothes on Halloween but more kids like to adopt Disney character's ,They dress the same way and make up their faces to suit Disney characters like to adult also designed children's Halloween clothes
People makes create scary environment on Halloween event they are make their homes look like Halloween to onlookers.
Tricks and Treats: On the holiday's of Halloween, people also prepare different dishes in their homes in the sweets cook spooky cakes and muffins these design's scary grave shapes makes Dracula teeth's on apple, with a cookie dough make witch finger and pumpkin pies very popular dishes and many types dishes very like to cook on Halloween, Old-fashioned Halloween is still celebrated today Along with the changing times of modern times, the fashion of Halloween has also changed to make this festival even more frightening, such clothes are made.

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